To see another country – Google it. To experience it – travel.

About Kay

Born in Zimbabwe and raised in Cape Town, Kay lives and works within sight of the iconic Table Mountain. She is a fun-loving people’s person with kids and dogs who all share in her love of adventure. Travel is in her DNA and her upbringing instilled a love of exploring in her, with a host of road trips and camping holidays. She is always open to new experiences and has traveled all over the world from Brazil to Russia, as well as all over Southern and East Africa. She believes tourism brings people together, whether eight hours behind or one hour ahead. She sees trip planning as an opportunity to learn from each other and create memorable life-changing experiences. Her industry passion is as an African luxury travel specialist because in her words: “there’s always a reason to come back for more.” She excels at interest-based and individualised itineraries.

Her top trips include:

  • Putting together 18 varied excursions for 420 guests for a well-known international financial institution, giving them a full experience of Cape Town

Q & A with Kay

What do you love most about your job?

I enjoy putting the components together to create an experience for guests to enjoy and I love receiving their positive feedback.

What is your favourite African travel destination?

South Africa as it is such a diverse country with so much to offer that, even with all my trips, I feel I have only discovered a small portion.

What is your most memorable wildlife sighting?

Seeing a baby antelope being born. The calf would get up and fall down and continue like this for a few minutes before it managed to stand up and walk. It reminded me of the song “I get knocked down but I get up again.” I can’t think of it without smiling.

When did you fall in love with traveling?

My first overseas trip was to Israel. I loved exploring the different cities, experiencing the culture, tasting the local cuisine and meeting the locals. After this trip, I could not wait for my next trip to learn and discover another country.

What is your top African city?

Cape Town – I just love Table Mountain. It provides some calmness especially when I drive to work in the mornings and it is my symbol of home.

What’s the one luxury you can’t do without when traveling?

My pillow – I take it with me wherever I can.

Luxury Travel Manager, Kay, on a hiking trial