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Travel Photography : Top tips for maximising likes on your social media posts

Top tips
  • It takes thought to get others to think your images are great
  • Show the world from your point-of-view
  • Do not imitate others, be unique
  • Remember there is no right or wrong about what you’re capturing
  • Consider what you are saying/ the story you are telling
  • Don’t over-edit
  • Cut long photo sections (like panoramas) and post as a carousel
  • Write interesting captions
  • Set place and time stamps on your images, let audiences know the exciting places you are exploring
  • Link to other platforms and use hashtags. Our hashtag is #TimelessAfricaSafaris
  • Appreciate others ~ follow and like images, click here to follow us: Instagram: @timelessafricasafaris | Facebook: @tasafaris | LinkedIn: timelessafricasafaris

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