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Congratulations! You’ve booked your safari and the excitement is building. If you have booked your safari with us, your Luxury Travel Manager will have given you loads of information on what to expect on safari. If you are still thinking about a safari and wonder what good tips there are to make the most of your experience, we are here to help!

There will be early starts, but resist the urge to sleep in!

Game viewing can start very early in the day; prepare for some early starts. Don’t miss a game drive – the one thing you wanted to see the most will come out on the very day you decide to sleep in. This is why we recommend that you take advantage of every game drive. You could choose to sleep in and miss out on a drive, but that drive just might turn out to be the best experience of your African adventure.

Every game drive is different

Our team makes every effort to plan your stay for maximum enjoyment. But one thing we cannot plan is what you will see on a game drive. Patience and openness often put you in the right place at the right time.


Nature moves to her own rhythm and plays by her own rules – which means you never know what you might see each time you venture into the bush.

Take advantage of your guide's expertise!

Engage with your guide immediately on arrival; you are usually introduced on arrival or at afternoon tea. Let them know what you are most interested in. Our guides will do their best to find what everybody wants to see.

Don’t do a ‘Ferrari safari’

It may be tempting to want to see everything in the first few game drives. Remember, your guide will always be in radio contact with other guides, which helps in tracking good sightings and you will get to see plenty during your stay. Make sure your guide knows that you are interested in everything, not just the Big Five, it will be a much more relaxed experience for all.

Take advantage of all the activities on offer

Go on a bush walk – it puts smaller things into perspective and allows you to feel vulnerable (in a good way).


Learn about the lodge or reserve’s conservation initiatives, or visit a local school. Make use of the additional options in between safari drives.

Keep an eye out for the smaller creatures!

Stop to take in an African sunset; look, listen, be still and breathe it all in. Every drive may also not be like a National Geographic documentary with lions and elephants around every corner. It is important and hugely rewarding to also find insects, birds and plants that bring vibrancy and colour into your bush experience. Make sure you can identify the Small Five and the Ugly Five too!

Don’t be shy to shout ‘STOP’

If you think you’ve seen something, tell your ranger to stop. They are only human and sometimes miss a sighting too. The sense of achievement when you’ve spotted something good is also great!

Respect Nature

Remember, this is not a zoo and the wild animals are not domesticated. When you see your first lion or elephant in their natural habitat, the excitement can be overwhelming. The urge to get up or speak too loudly should be avoided. Many of the safari animals are dangerous and it is vital that you listen to your field ranger for your and everyone’s safety. Your ranger is trained and an expert in animal behaviour, so please respect his rules.

Binoculars are a vital part of any safari

Most private safari lodges will provide a set of binoculars on a safari vehicle. We highly recommend you bring your own. Whether it be to look at various vibrantly coloured bird species or an animal that is a couple of hundred meters away from your vehicle, a pair of ‘bins’ is an important component of any safari.c /9+241 cx.

Take lots of photos

Go crazy with your camera on the first two drives, then do yourself a favour: put it away and just simply enjoy. Here are some of our top photographic tips.

Tipping your guide

Please don’t forget to tip your lodge staff and ranger. Gratuities make up a big part of their safaris. It is discretionary, but we will assist you with a guideline, or there will be a guide in your lodge room. Africa thanks you!

Last tips

And finally, please wear hats, drink plenty of water, bring sun block, and leave the rest to us and the animals!

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  • Early starts
  • Every game drive is different
  • Take advantage
  • Don’t do a ‘Ferrari safari’
  • Take advantage of all the activities on offer
  • Keep an eye out for the smaller creatures!
  • Don’t be shy to shout ‘STOP’
  • Respect Nature
  • Binoculars are a vital part of any safari
  • Take lots of photos
  • Tipping your guide
  • Last tips

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