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The Rhino Bill of Rights

Rhinos, as a species, are under threat of extinction. These maginificent animals are a precious, irreplacable natural resource that belongs to each and every one of us. It is our responsibility to uphold their rights:

1. Rhinos have the right to life and to continue to exist in the wild as they have for millennia.

2. Rhinos should be free from exploitation. Killing a fully-grown rhino to harvest only its horn for ornamental or medicinal purposes is exploitative.

3. The exploitation extends to recruiting poor and desperate people to commit inhumane and mortally dangerous acts. Exploiting rhino means exploiting Africa’s people; they both deserve protection.

4. No rhino shall be neglected, abused, ill-treated or subject to cruel acts. Poaching and inhumane kill methods are inherently cruel, illegal and should be stopped.

5. Rhinos have the right to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to support their normal existence and self-sustaining population.

6. Wild rhinos should be free to express normal behaviour, breed and raise their young.

7. As one of the most ancient species on the planet, rhinos are entitled to respect. It is humanity’s duty to use its knowledge, skills and creativity to care for and protect the species.

8. All people should share equally in the joy and beauty of co-existing with rhino. Future generations have the right to see rhino flourishing in the wild. It is the duty of every person to ensure the survival of the species.


Timeless Africa Safaris will donate R5 for every signature, up to a set amount, to high-impact rhino conservation projects and non-profit organisations dedicated to their survival. Share it with everyone you know, spread the importance of this message far and wide, and let’s take action against the loss of this precious species.