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A Collective Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

As we mark Timeless Africa Safaris’ 21st Anniversary and our commitment to sustainability and rewilding efforts in Africa, it’s heartening to reflect on the remarkable strides our partners have taken in creating a positive impact on the continent’s ecological and community landscapes. The shared dedication to responsible tourism is evident in the diverse initiatives undertaken by various lodges, hotels, and safari companies across the region.

It is evident that our partners have not merely embraced sustainable tourism; they have championed it. The collective commitment to rewilding, community empowerment, and environmental stewardship is a testament to the positive change that responsible tourism can bring to Africa.

We highlight here just a few of our partners’ incredible efforts.

Classic Portfolio: Impactful Experiences for Conservation

Classic Portfolio, a collection of independently owned lodges, camps, and hotels, goes beyond mere sustainability by offering guests a breakdown of the impact of their stay. Encouraging active involvement in community projects, wildlife, or environmental conservation, the portfolio emphasizes a commitment to conservation, community, and commercial sustainability. Notably, the inclusion of projects like the Rothschild Giraffe at the Giraffe Centre in Kenya adds a unique touch to their conservation endeavors.

The Peech Hotel: Cultivating Urban Biodiversity

Situated in Gauteng, The Peech Boutique Hotel stands as a beacon of urban sustainability. Certified by Fair Trade in Tourism since 2010, the hotel has integrated small-scale biodiversity projects to support rewilding efforts. Despite its urban setting, the hotel has removed invasive plant species, promoted indigenous flora, and engaged in local conservation awareness initiatives. By focusing on nearby conservation sites like Cradle of Humankind and The Wilds Reserve, The Peech Hotel showcases a commitment to making a positive impact on its surroundings.

Primate Safaris: Community-Centric Conservation in Rwanda

Primate Safaris exemplifies the intersection of tourism and community empowerment. Actively supporting organized community groups and participating in events like Muganda (clean-up day), the company aligns with government initiatives for wildlife reclamation. By integrating local communities into their tours, Primate Safaris demonstrates a holistic approach to conservation, recognizing the integral role communities play in preserving Africa’s natural beauty.

Primate Safaris

Primate Safaris

Simbavati Lodge Collection: Nurturing a Carbon-Neutral Identity

Simbavati Lodge Collection has set an ambitious goal—to be a brand as carbon-neutral as possible. Through sustainable practices like renewable energy sources, eco-friendly chemicals, and staff and guest education, the collection prioritizes minimizing its environmental footprint. By incorporating water conservation devices, herb gardens, and sustainable designs, Simbavati Lodge Collection showcases a commitment to responsible building and operational practices.

Kwando Safaris: Citizen-Owned Conservation

With over one million acres of precious Botswana wilderness under their protection, Kwando Safaris takes pride in being a citizen-owned company. By focusing on eco-friendly camps set within vast national parks, Kwando Safaris not only rewilds the land but also empowers local communities through sustainable employment. Their commitment to environmental awareness, education, and supporting grassroots organizations like Learn To Play, Pack For a Purpose and Mummy’s Angels demonstrates a holistic approach to conservation.

Virgin Limited Edition: From Sustainability to Regeneration

Virgin Limited Edition has transitioned from mere sustainability to regeneration. With a dedicated Group Sustainability and Operations Project Manager, the company is poised to incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into future projects. This shift reflects a broader commitment to not just sustain but actively regenerate the ecosystems affected by their operations.

Namibia Tracks & Trails: Maximum Standards in the Heart of Africa

Namibia Tracks & Trails is making strides in adhering to maximum standards in a country known for its unique landscapes. The Elephant Human Relations Aid project exemplifies their commitment to harmonizing the coexistence of wildlife and local communities.

Jabulani: Elephant Conservation and Community Upliftment

Jabulani, under the Jabulani Portfolio, not only focuses on rehabilitating and reintegrating elephant orphans but also extends its impact on environmental and community development. From land restoration projects using kitchen waste and elephant dung to supporting HERD Trust, Jabulani exemplifies a commitment to rewilding elephants and fostering holistic well-being.  Jabulani Safari’s commitment to carbon neutrality extends to creative initiatives like using kitchen waste and elephant dung for composting and land restoration. Their collaboration with HERD Trust underscores a dedication to rewilding elephants and ensuring their long-term well-being.

Cheetah Plains: Carbon Negative Safari Experience

Pioneering the silent safari and adopting renewable energy practices, Cheetah Plains has become a carbon-negative lodge. With initiatives like electric vehicles, solar panels, and comprehensive waste management, the lodge showcases a commitment to environmental stewardship within South Africa’s celebrated Sabi Sand Nature Reserve.

Cheetah Plains

Governors' Camp Collection: Gold Standard in EcoRatings

Governors’ Camp Collection has achieved Gold EcoRatings for its three main camps in the Maasai Mara, reflecting continuous efforts in upholding sustainable tourism practices. Their commitment extends beyond accolades to tangible projects like tree planting initiatives and addressing deforestation challenges in the region.

Mokuti Etosha: Beyond Lodging to Conservation and Education

Mokuti Etosha not only offers lodging but actively engages in conservation efforts. From water salination plants to supporting cultural schools and operating a reptile center, Mokuti Etosha demonstrates a multifaceted commitment to sustainability, education, and biodiversity.

Talitha Nurmeister - Mokuti Etosha

Dulini: Transitioning to Sustainable Energy

Dulini is making strides in sustainability by transitioning to sustainable energy, specifically hydrogen, in the coming months. The implementation of a greywater system and significant contributions to local communities showcase their dedication to minimising their environmental impact.

Seasons in Africa Portfolio of Lodges: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

At Seasons in Africa, sustainability is viewed holistically, considering environmental, cultural, and economic impacts. Their participation in initiatives like Care For the Wild, Rhino Protection, and Anti-Poaching showcases a commitment to protecting wildlife and supporting local communities.

Madikwe Hills

Matetsi Victoria Falls: Preserving Wilderness for Future Generations

Matetsi Victoria Falls, co-founded by Sara Gardiner, emphasizes the preservation of wild places for wildlife and future generations. Through their conservation and community initiatives, the lodge aims to inspire others to contribute to the protection and enhancement of Africa’s natural beauty.

Rare Earth Retreats: Localized Sustainability and Community Empowerment

Rare Earth Retreats, with properties like The Outpost and Pel’s Post, emphasizes the three pillars of sustainability—financial, workforce, and environmental. From solar initiatives to community projects, Rare Earth Retreats showcases a comprehensive approach to sustainability in both local and global contexts.

The Outpost Lodge

Shamwari Private Game Reserve: Towards Full Solar Power

Shamwari Private Game Reserve is making significant strides toward full solar power usage, coupled with initiatives like local sourcing and waste management. The continuous purchase of land for rewilding projects highlights their commitment to expanding conservation efforts.

Rora Private Collection: Future Focus on Power Storage

With an eye on the future, Rora Private Collection is gearing up for power storage initiatives to reduce generator usage. Collaborating with local communities through projects like Rhino Notching and wild dog collaring, Rora Private Collection exemplifies a dedication to conservation and community well-being.

Wild Horizons: Post-COVID Emphasis on Sustainability

In the post-COVID landscape, Wild Horizons emphasizes the importance of sustainability in rebuilding the tourism sector. From increased community engagement to enhanced conservation efforts, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to responsible tourism.

Establishing the Vic Falls Wildlife Trust in 2008, Wild Horizons has been a pioneer in sustainable practices. Their community projects, such as Home Hosted Meals and Shop with a Purpose, showcase a commitment to ethical tourism and community well-being.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the continued impact our partners will make, and we remain dedicated to fostering a future where tourism and conservation go hand in hand for the benefit of Africa’s people and wildlife. Cheers to a future of transformative journeys and sustainable legacies!

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  • Introduction
  • Impactful Experiences for Conservation
  • Cultivating Urban Biodiversity
  • Community-Centric Conservation in Rwanda
  • Nurturing a Carbon-Neutral Identity
  • Citizen-Owned Conservation
  • From Sustainability to Regeneration
  • Maximum Standards in the Heart of Africa
  • Elephant Conservation and Community Upliftment
  • Carbon Negative Safari Experience
  • Gold Standard in EcoRatings
  • Beyond Lodging to Conservation and Education
  • Transitioning to Sustainable Energy
  • A Holistic Approach to Sustainability
  • Preserving Wilderness for Future Generations
  • Localized Sustainability and Community Empowerment
  • Towards Full Solar Power
  • Future Focus on Power Storage
  • Post-COVID Emphasis on Sustainability

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