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In September 2022 Timeless Africa Safaris together with Uthando (Love) South Africa spent an afternoon at an urban micro-farming community in Khayelitsha called Feed the Khaltsha on behalf of our “Africa Ambassadors” – our global network of guests and friends who share their love of Africa and encourage fellow travellers to visit this wonderful continent.


We wanted to do something meaningful to honour our Africa Ambassadors; something that would make a real difference. As this year’s tribute, we wrote our ambassadors’ names on biodegradable seed cards and helped plant an organic micro-farm in their name. Our Ambassadors will now be part of an incredible initiative which is tackling the food and unemployment challenges in Cape Town.

We are excited to see the growth of the seedlings planted.


Supporting Feed the Khaltsha

The Impact

Any time someone chooses to travel to Africa it is a win for local communities, the environment and wildlife, as tourism directly funds conservation efforts and upliftment programmes.

It is a true honour to have a global network that supports this continent and we thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this wonderful initiative in their name.

How you can support

If you would like to donate to these incredibly worthwhile causes, please let us know and we can assist.

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