Myths & Misconceptions

Is Africa a country?
Just like Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Australia and Antarctica, Africa is a huge continent (second in size only to Asia) made up of 54 independent countries. The continent is home to more than 1 billion people. Roughly 25% of the languages spoken in African countries aren’t recognised anywhere else in the world, which is a testament to its diversity and uniqueness.

Leopard cub

It is always hot?
Just like its people, Africa’s landscape and terrain are hugely diverse. From the sticky equatorial rainforests of central Africa, the endless grassy plains of the Serengeti and the dry heat of the Sahara Desert to the snowy peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro, the fine, cool spray of Victoria Falls and the palm-fringed beaches of Zanzibar, temperatures vary from below freezing to searing heat, depending on your location.

Do wild animals roam freely everywhere?
Other than crocodiles adding some thrill to the water hazards on certain golf courses, most African wildlife are found in protected nature and wildlife reserves. Large game like zebra or lions do not roam around in towns and cities. In these areas, you might be lucky enough to see smaller animals like a troop of monkeys or baboons on the side of the road, and the birdlife is plentiful everywhere.

Is a safari the only type of vacation on offer?
While an African safari is top of many guests’ bucket lists, the continent offers visitors a huge variety of activities, from scuba diving and white water rafting to wellness retreats and trips on vintage trains to beautiful beaches and the Cape winelands to golf and many other active activities. Visit the Experiences section of our website to see just how many different ways there are to experience this incredible continent.

Is it a short drive from one side of Africa to the other?
As much as Africa offers a varied array of vacation options, visitors should be practical about how much is achievable in one trip, considering the sheer size of the continent and how far some attractions are from each other. Timeless Africa Safaris specialises in creating bespoke itineraries that combine various interests like food and wine, beach and bush, and desert and delta; each one giving guests a thrilling taste of Africa without spending half the trip in transit.

Will I only see the Big 5?
Africa is home to an astonishingly diverse number of wildlife and bird species. There’s the Big 5, of course, but also the Classic 5, the Marine 5, the little 5, the Elusive 5 and literally hundreds of other animal and bird species to spot.

Gorillas in Rwanda

Are people poor and starving?
There are a lot of people without employment or opportunity, which is why “giving back” is such a big part of what we do. We focus on wildlife conservation and human empowerment. For instance, in Rwanda, the guides are reformed poachers who now protect the Gorillas. Much of the proceeds go towards building local schools and hospitals. The community and wildlife both benefit immeasurably by your being there.

Will I be able to get my favourite food when I’m there?
One of the best parts about travelling is experiencing the food culture of different countries and you might be surprised how interesting food is in Africa. There are, of course, lots of exotic traditional meals to try, like Moroccan tagine (slow-cooked savory stew), South African braai (barbecue) and Ethiopian injera (flatbread), but you might be surprised by how cosmopolitan the food is in many big cities. You can try some of the finest wines in the world in the Cape Winelands, eat at The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, one of the San Pellegrino Top 100 Restaurants in the World, and dine on 5-star cuisine at a luxury safari lodge. And if you really need a good, old-fashioned hamburger, then believe it or not, we have those too!

North Island, The Seychelles

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