Julie & Rich


I am on the final leg of my trip home from South Africa and I can’t stop thinking about the amazing experiences we had. I want to thank you for all your hard work on pulling our itinerary together. I know I made it a bit more challenging since I arranged our two stays at Jaci’s and Grootbos, the shorter notice and working around the Christmas/New Year holiday.

Everything went perfectly! It was truly a dream come true for me and I loved every single minute of our time in South Africa. The hotels, drivers, tours and flight were seamless and it was so nice to not worry about the details. Our last night at the Saxon was truly extraordinary. I’m not sure if you pulled some strings to get us such amazing rooms but it was an incredible way to spend our last night in South Africa. It was unforgettable! We have incredible memories that will last my parent, my kids and myself a lifetime. Thank you!

With gratitude,
Julie Carrigan


Thank you for your note. We are members of YPO Chicago and we found your company through the YPO network. We are so grateful we found your company and had the opportunity to work with Kim Evans. She did an amazing job! She took the time to get to know our family’s interests, needs and preferences for travel and really catered a phenomenal itinerary to meet our needs. We had the most amazing experience & created lifelong memories for 3 generations of our family.

With gratitude,
Julie Carrigan

Marco, I totally agree. You guys were great, and we would totally recommend your company to any other YPO’ers who travel to South Africa, as well as family and friends. All the connections were smooth, and Kim was available throughout our two weeks whenever we needed her (which was only twice, and she solved the issue quickly both times).

Plus, I think you guys must have gotten us a special upgrade when we were in Joburg, because our stay at the Saxon was one of the most amazing rooms we have every had!

Truly a YPO experience. We had been dreaming of this trip for roughly 10 years, and despite those lofty expectations, I’m happy to say that your company and the country itself totally lived up to them.

Thanks again,