Matt & Brittaney

Dear Louise, thank you so much for all your help and for coordinating a wonderful honeymoon. We could not have been more pleased with the trip. Every activity/place/guide was the best.

Each part of the trip was great but Safari was the best. Zakkie (our guide in Cape Town) was incredible, we had a blast with him. Also, our ranger at Tanda Tula, Civilized, was so fantastic.

Each property we visited had its own little unique feature. Wine country accommodations were our favorite (Babylonstern). We loved the “family atmosphere” at Tanda Tula. Everyone felt like they were family and had an awesome home feel. Ngala was incredible with a more corporate feel. On our next trip, we would probably visit Tanda Tula in the winter.

All in all – top-notch service and an experience of a lifetime. One of the only places I would go back multiple times.

We look forward to our next trip (we want to climb Kilimanjaro and also experience the great migration/Serengeti) and thank you for making such a wonderful occasion for us.