The Best Time to Visit Africa

We specialise in tailoring itineraries around your individual or group needs and interests. Let us know if you have a specific destination in mind or if you have a specific time that suits you to travel and we can identify the best trip for you.

Okavango Delta, Botswana

Here are some tips about timing:

  • Africa is an all year-round destination where seasons, weather and experiences can vary a great deal.
  • In private reserves, the game viewing is very good all year round.
  • In winter from May to October, temperatures are lower, wildlife congregates in areas where water is available and the vegetation has thinned, making it easier to spot the animals.
  • Summer is from October to April and tends to be quite hot, with daytime temperatures hovering around 30ºC (86ºF). For beach holidays and bird watching, summer tends to be the preferred time to visit.
  • The Great Migration takes a full year to complete a single cycle, spanning Kenya and Tanzania. You can see it throughout the year but, certain highlights only happen in specific months: the mass birthing of calves takes place between January and March in the Southern Serengeti, while the dramatic river crossings occur between July and August in the far west.
  • Birding is at its best in October when the intra-African migrants can be seen and November when the palaeoarctic migrants are visible.
  • For marine enthusiasts looking to spot whales, Southern Right whales can be seen mid-July to October and humpback whales can be seen from August to December, particularly off the shores of Hermanus, which is roughly two hours from Cape Town.
  • Cape Town is a year-round destination and experiences a moderate winter with many sunny and clear days. The average temperature is between 7 and 20 degrees Celcius (45ºF – 70ºF).

Giraffes, Tanzania


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