Family Travel Tips

We love to see grandparents, parents, and children sharing discoveries. Here are a few tips to make sure you have the most memorable family holiday:

Travel Tips

1. Have a team leader who takes charge of the trip for the whole family.
2. Pick activities that older and younger generations will enjoy doing together. Include options to allow some choice.
3. Unplug and switch off from your usual busy life and take time to re-connect. Turn off phones and screens whenever possible.
4. Have one or two bases so you are not constantly repacking and there is a place for different family members to rest.
5. Include the whole extended family. We see guest lists growing to include cousins, in-laws and more.

6. Encourage each generation to contribute to a treasured memory book of the holiday.
7. Pack some patience – often the pace of a holiday has to be adjusted to include children, parents and grandparents. Everyone has different styles of travelling, so allow for various paces for getting ready, packing and walking.
8. Stop often just to soak it all in. These times are precious as often distance and commitments keep us apart.
9. Have at least one outrageous joke up your sleeve to keep things interesting.



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