Favourite travel memories in Kenya

There is so much for families to do and learn on a safari.

Surrounded by nature, immersed in new sensations, new people to learn from… no screens!
Watching my grandkids experience the secrets of the wild was such a treat. From a budding love of birds to a daily nap on the vehicle – experiencing a safari with them was an absolute delight.

Above is their arrival – much excitement as they literally lept of the plane:My eldest grandchild, Leah.My daughter Casey and her daughter. 3 generations of safari lovers.Sophie looking for termites.
There was a lot of bonding time for these 2. Playing games in the vehicle. Running around with the wonderful staff at the lodge. Cooking in the kitchen. Learning so much on the way.
This is my favourite view. Possibly on earth.
“Do not go gathering fruit when a dance is taking place” – Maasai Proverb
Leah’s trip was permeated by a fascination with birds. Wilson, our excellent game ranger, taught her all about birds, their markings, habits and helped her identify the feathers she found.The safari napper.The safari napper had a few of her own moments in the limelight.
Not much more one could want in the world.A beautiful gift from the Angama family.
Casey and Dan ‘Running with a Kenyan’.
My Maasai moment.
The moonrise.

Author: Marco van Embden