Great Migrations: Flocking flamingos at sunset

Witness vast seas of pink as flocks of iconic flamingos migrate between Tanzania’s numerous alkaline lakes and as far as the Rift Valley lakes in Kenya. They make the journey to breed and feed on the nutrient rich waters of the two lakes, pumping spirulina, algae, and cyanobacterium through their nasal filters – and causing their bright colouring.

These quirky birds with their long backward-bending legs and hooked beaks are entertaining in water and in air. They migrate between the lakes for food and can be seen rootling with their long necks beneath the surface and beaks in the mud, digging out tasty snacks. They sleep balanced on one leg with their head tucked beneath a wing. In flight, they stretch out with their legs trailing behind.

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Kenya
Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Kenya

Typically they can be seen at Lake Manyara from June to September, and again from January to March. This sight is a photographer’s dream and possibly one of the prettiest migrations, especially at sunrise or sunset when the sky turns shades of pink and orange providing a picture-perfect backdrop for the flamboyantly coloured birds.

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