Saving endangered rhinos


Thrilling rhino darting
Experience the rare opportunity to participate in real rhino conservation activities. From locating and darting the rhino by helicopter or dashing 4×4 safari vehicle, to assisting with tasks such as pouring water over the rhino and checking its temperature, you are included in the entire operation. Your team vet will explain the whole process and give you an opportunity to take close-up photographs with this magnificent endangered animal. Depending on the lodge, darting of rhinos facilitates implanting microchips in the horn, ear notching and/or collecting data on the rhino – all part of ongoing efforts to build a national DNA database of all South Africa’s rhinos. This is a genuine conservation project where lodges endeavour to give back to nature by chipping as many rhinos as possible:

  • &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve and &Beyond Ngala Private Game Reserve both offer rhino notching activities for black rhinos, combined with facilitating human-animal co-habitation and tackling the other challenges facing rural communities.
  • Camp Jabulani offers a unique white rhino conservation safari during which participants assist a veterinary specialist with the tracking and chipping of a rhino.
  • Madikwe Game Reserve has established The Honorary Officers Counter Poaching Unit (HOCPU), headed up by Phillip Haungh and guests at Madikwe Safari Lodge and Jaci’s Lodges have the unique opportunity to contribute to critical conservation in action.
  • Kwandwe rhino conservation safari offers you the opportunity to participate in rhino darting and notching under the supervision of experts.
  • Kings Camp in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve offers a rhino chipping experience in an effort to combat rhino poaching.
  • For a wider animal experience, Tuningi Safari Lodge in Madikwe provides an exhilarating hands-on experience with some of Africa’s biggest icons; such as rhino protection, and DNA sampling, collaring or contraception programmes for lions and elephants.
  • Further afield Wilderness Safaris’ Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia offers guests the exhilarating opportunity of tracking rare desert-adapted black rhino on foot or by vehicle with trained Save the Rhino Trust trackers.

Madikwe Safari Lodge
Kings Camp

For every Timeless Africa Safaris guest who travels with us, we make a donation to StopRhinoPoaching in order to prevent the extinction of one of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species. Please follow this link should you wish to know more about this initiative:

The Rhinos Are Coming!
We recently took part in a national art project to raise awareness and funds for rhino protection. Our life-size rhino was painted by children from the Lalela project (uplifting kids through Waterfrontis on display in the V&A Waterfont alongside rhinos by artists from all over South Africa and contributions by other generous donors.