Juma’s art tours, Cape Town

Juma Mkwela, founder of Juma’s Art Tours born in Malawi and raised in Zimbabwe- is an artist with a big heart, bright smile and a passion for his various communities.


The goal of Juma Art Tours is to create a positive and sustainable change. Juma promotes responsible tourism in which guests are able to make an impact while immersing in the culture they are visiting. Guests can choose to get involved in tours that allow them to get their hands dirty -whether it be through painting or gardening- and feel accomplished after their tour knowing that they left a permanent mark on the culture they engaged in. Today, Juma’s work in Khayelitsha has grown into a small team of six that promotes the township’s art scene even further and tries to create awareness and development opportunities for local artists. Overall, Juma connects the wealth of local artists who are eager to get their voices heard to the public, and brings the tourists from all over to listen to their stories being told.


Woodstock Street Art Tour

Explore the amazing street art, murals and galleries with your local guide who are experts all of the pieces you’ll explore. Engage with the local people and see how the murals brighten up Woodstock on your amazing 30-minute, 60-minute, or 90-minute tour.

Woodstock Art, Culture and History Tour

Woodstock is not only filled with beautiful street art but is complemented with an abundance of culture and history. Learn about the people, history and the newfound problems of gentrification alongside observing the artwork and trying the local food at the home of your host