15 unforgettable nights in Namibia

Hi Kim

In one sentence: Namibia was wonderful & amazing !  it was a great family trip.  

We loved it in so many ways – the people, the landscape, the animals, the different culture, the lodges!

I think there were 3 factors that made the trip really great for us (besides of the 6 of us being together , which is always the most important factor):

It was organized in a way that suited our pace  – we were able to take the time and didn’t rush from one place to the next.  Again it was proven right for us to see less things and spend more time in each place.

The lodges were just amazing and we simply LOVED them:The best ones were : Anderson , Sorris and Omanda. The hotel in Swakopmund  was also very nice, and we liked it a lot.

Overall the trip was GREAT!! We loved it, and would love to go back to Namibia (to tour the south)

I think it was organized very well and everything worked as it should have – your lodges recommendations were great!! The overall  structure of the trip was very good. All the details: the flight , the drivers, the guides , the transports – well done!!!!

So  – thank you for another great trip !

Our next Africa adventure would be the migration – perhaps Botswana, Tanzania or Kenya…..

BIG THANKS YOU for another great family adventure!!!!