Katalin & Andras in Africa

“Dear Kim,

Thank you for this wonderful trip you organized for us.  We really felt privileged during our entire journey.  Every place we travelled had something special that we will remember for a long time.  

The gorilla sighting in Rwanda was very well organized. The experience of being only a few meters away from these humble giants is extraordinary.  There were about 28 gorillas in the group we saw and spent an hour with. The track up and down in the rainforest to the gorillas was also a unique experience. 

Overall, we were very surprised by how clean, safe, and well-organized Rwanda is.  The people we met were friendly and polite, always smiling and trying their best to please their guests,

The Elewana Sand River, Masai Mara was a perfect choice. Our tent was in Little Sand River, a separate setting from the big camp, with only 6 tents, which added an even more exclusive touch to the experience. Our tent was superb, we had the feeling of being back in the XIX. century, naturally with all the needs of the current age requirements (bathroom, shower, WIFI etc.).  We really enjoyed the personalized service, the delicious meals, the evening fires, the small surprises the staff produced every day.  Service was simply excellent both in the lodge and also our guide, Antony, was very flexible, and knowledgeable. In late September we caught the last minute of the great migration. During our 4-night stay all the boxes were ticked.           

The airport assistance was also very useful.  

Travel during Covid was not easy, with the continuously changing regulations.  Not everyone was certain about the effective rules on testing, entry / leaving requirements. We even made unnecessary tests just to be safe, but all the PCR tests were organized in a way to cause the least interference and inconvenience in our program.  Probably the best PCR test we have ever done was under a tree in the Masai Mara bush, with a wildebeest’s foot hanging from the tree over our heads.

Once again, thank you for this wonderful trip. We would be happy to hear a few recommendations for our next trip to Africa.”