Rotem and family at Marataba Conservancy

My family and I decided to choose Marataba after not seeing each other for 15 months because of covid. We were looking for something intimate, private, and familial with the same standard of a luxury safari. A difficult brief. Kay’s suggestion of Marataba Founders Camp was the most perfect fit.


Personal and homey is the theme.

Marataba Founders Camp – Main area
Marataba Founders Camp- Bedroom & outdoor deck

The lodge, which is a family affair, run by a husband and wife team echos the familial feel we were after. Since we were a group with very young kids we felt free to just be without the pressure of other guest’s expectations and considerations.

The exquisitely located lodge is beautifully decorated and again feels like a personal home space rather than an impersonal hotel.


The food felt effortless and homemade. Everyone’s personal wishes were fulfilled and catered for in a very unpretentious and delicious way. The staff is always willing to experiment with vegan and gluten-free options. The gluten-free folk vouch for its deliciousness too.


Our tracker treated the kids in such a fatherly way, always keeping them engaged and top of mind. And the added offer of conservation activities really makes the safari experience more relevant and memorable. My ten-year-old daughter got to track a cheetah with the telemeter and the thrill of finding them was an absolute treat for us all.

Any family or group of friends who are looking for a place where they want to call home for a few days while experiencing the luxury and magic of the bush, can’t find a better place to settle on than Marataba Founders Camp.”