Seamless trip

Dear Louise,

I do not want another day to go by without thanking you for the fantastic, and perhaps more importantly, seamless trip, you put together for us!!

You had a group of fairly high maintenance (some more than others—myself included!!) older travelers with distinct wants and needs and yet you managed to move us through the wilds of Africa with nary a hitch nor inconvenience, smooth and wonderful sailing all the way, with easy adjustments when adjustments were necessary, thoughtful and needed surprise gifts at just the right times (who knew how handy those little fanny packs would come in and how often every day did we pull out and share our hand wipes and gel,  tic tacs, tip cards, and, and, and …. Who knew??!??? Well you did!!!!! And you took care of it…and us.)

I want to be sure that you know what a terrific time we had, what a terrific trip you planned! How wonderful you and all of your crew are, and how grateful we are.

Many, many thanks and a great big hug.