The Rhino Bill of Rights

Travel is a luxury I don’t take for granted. The experiences make us richer and in return, I believe we are meant to look after the places and creatures that afford us these experiences. Is this not a world our children will inherit from us?

With my travel company, I set out to offer an array of travel experiences for guests to enjoy, while also making a difference to the environments they visit.

Conservation is already a large part of a traveller’s experience in Africa, our guests are naturally helping support and enable species and habitat protection just by coming here. They stay in ethically, ecologically minded lodges, which also provides for employment and community upliftment. They take tours that help fund the protection of the various species they’ve come to see, and they can take part in community programmes and wildlife initiatives when they actively want to get involved.

I wanted to do more and for me, this meant identifying more targeted opportunities and causes.

Did you know that Rhinos are being poached at a rate of more than 3 a day? In 2011 The Western Black Rhino was declared extinct. In ten years, we could see the extinction in the wild of the entire species. Foreign criminal groups have manipulated our poorest and most desperate peoples to poach and brutally decimate our rhino population and stealing thousands of horns.

In my article “I Rode an Elephant Through a YPO Conference”: Taking Time to Reflect,

I’ve shared my love for Africa. With my travels and passion for this continent it makes sense that I would be more exposed to the problems facing it.

This is why we started The NOW (Not on Our Watch) Initiative and drafted The Rhinoceros Bill of Rights.

There are many ways you can get involved and help, even from the comfort of your own home. Have a look at these ideas of what you can do right now.

With everything we get from this unbelievable continent, it is our duty to give back and do what we can to ensure it stays this way.  

Please reach out if you wish to find out how you can help.